About Professional Consulting

In all countries in the European Union every firm has a fiscal consultant and an external accountant able to ensure stability regarding the observance of legal provisions and the adaptation of its activity to the changes in the financial and fiscal legislation. This becomes compulsory in Romania, where bureaucracy and stuffy legislation seem to exhaust the resources of economical agents, and where appealing to specialist services appears as the normal thing to do in order to keep developing or even to survive.

The Professional Consulting Group was founded in 2002, in the admitted aim of having no client pay more than they have to or to waste any more of their precious time solving their financial or fiscal problems.

The Professional Consulting Group is made of firms which provide economical and financial assistance, audit, accountancy, and other alternative services. Group companies are members of the Tax Consultants House of Romania, Auditors Chamber of Romania and the Corps of Chartered Certified Accountants and Authorized Accountants of Romania.

We place at your disposal over 30 professionals, fiscal consultants, accountancy experts, auditors, lawyers, university teachers, etc, and we are currently the market leaders on the regional business market.

The qualities that recommend us are our professional attitude and the fact that we closely attend all clients. We have managed to improve our services considering the fact that a successful collaboration involves a great deal of attention and trust. We have never disappointed our clients and managed to solve their problems in the best possible way, regardless of their financial power.

We strongly believe that our activity can actively support our clients in achieving the goals they set for their business, by making them feel safe about solving their fiscal, financial and accountancy problems. We thus help them improve their management decisions and focus more on the company’s projects.