At the foundation of our success there stands the quality of team here at Professional Consulting.

Lately our team has constantly grown, and it now has over 30 young, dedicated professionals, excellent in their respective field. Our growth was made possible by people having proved a great deal of potential and dedication, able to overcome themselves and to share their experience and ideas with the other members of the team, and who have managed to adapt to a competitive working environment.

We could not have managed to get the best results without a high level of motivation and training for the members of our team. This is why we considered it only natural to give our staff not only the chance to work in a highly competitive environment, but also constant trainings and an attractive, motivating salary.

This is mainly what working here at Professional Consulting means for a member of our team, and this is also what we expect of and give to any new member.

Do you think you have the necessary abilities and motivation to be part of our team? Are you ambitious and dedicated enough to work in a dynamic team of young professionals? Send us your CV at and we will get in touch with you if we think that you are the best person to become part of this team.