Our services

Our constance in providing highly professional assistance and the wide range of services we provide, which meet the needs of every client are the qualities that make us different and have placed us in the leading position on the Oltenia market.

We generally work on firm contracts with our clients and provide the following types of services:

  • Fiscal and accounting consultancy
  • Financial auditing servicesr
  • Holding accountant records
  • Economic-financial consultancy and analysis

Fiscal and accounting consultancy – (The Taxes and Duties Department)

  • Checks to rigorously determine the correctness and legal legitimacy of taxes calculation and payments (value added tax, individual income taxes and corporate income taxes, non-residents income taxes, income tax for which an obligation of calculation, withholding and remitting the tax is enforced);
  • Identification and application of fiscal facilities stipulated by the current legislation;
  • Providing specialized assistance in cases where the client is checked by the entitled bodies of the Ministry of Public Finance;
  • Consultancy for applying the tax option right before calculating and remitting taxes so as to determine the most advantageous legal alternative;
  • Tax consultancy for issues related to the fiscal procedure;
  • Assistance for filling in tax declarations;
  • Identifying the most adequate accounting and tax policies;
  • Studies and analyses on the opportunities generated by the accounting and tax law;
  • Consultancy on international tax systems and applying the provisions of conventions on avoiding double taxation;
  • Consultancy on international trade regulations provisions;
  • Consultancy in the field of International Financial Reporting Standards;
  • Assistance to the elaboration of appeals or other documents addressed to the fiscal bodies.

The Taxes and Duties Department can provide the above-mentioned services also by monthly going to the client’s firm in specialized teams of fiscal consultants, accountancy experts and law counselors, who will set up a monthly report of any kind of problems along with their respective recommendations.

Financial auditing services – (The Audit Department)

  • Audit and certification of financial records according to specific audit standards;
  • Conformity audit regarding the implementation of non-returnable financing from community funds.

Holding accountant records – (The Accountancy Department)

  • Maintenance of primary accounting records;
  • Bookkeeping, elaboration and checks of balance sheets and other biannual and annual financial reports;
  • calculation of wages, time sheets for the working days and corresponding payments;;
  • Elaboration and submission in due time of the company tax declarations;;
  • Elaboration and submission in due time of the company declaration for social security taxes;
  • Maintaining and updating the accounting registers of companies;
  • Checks of buy and sells registers and inventory registers maintained by the client;
  • Calculating and analyzing the main economic and financial indicators based on financial documents;
  • Periodical information notices on changes occurred in tax and accounting legislation in order to perform correct bookkeeping and choose the most effective policies;
  • Company representation on the occasion of financial and fiscal checks performed by the entitled bodies.

Economic-financial consultancy and analysis – (The Economical Analysis Department)

  • Consultancy in the field of mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations and split-ups;
  • Elaborating feasibility studies, business plans and opportunity studies as well as cash flow analyses;
  • Consultanţă privind managementul financiar: finanţarea investiţiilor, gestiunea capitalului de lucru, etc;
  • Financial structure analysis;
  • Analysis of return on assets and return on equity;
  • Elaborating financing tables and cash forecasts;
  • Financial diagnosis: rate of growth, rate of return, financial equilibrium and financial risks;
  • Assistance for preventing and/or managing economic and financial difficulties that a company might face;
  • Elaborating market studies and poles.