Our team

The Professional Consulting team has over 30 specialists, fiscal consultants, accountancy experts, auditors, lawyers, university teachers etc., split into 5 connected departments, which are meant to meet specific issues and structured in such a way as to ensure full efficiency in solving our client’s problems.

The departments organization

  • The Taxes and Duties Department
    It provides fiscal assistance to our clients, from checking the correct closure of all accounts, to determining the amount of taxes and duties and to making particular studies regarding any opportunity that the fiscal and accountancy legislation can provide.
  • The Audit Department
    It audits and certifies financial reports according to specific standards, including those for the implementation of non-returnable financing from community funds.
  • The Accountancy Department
    It supports the activity of our clients by sparing them of operating with accountancy documents, and by making it possible for clients to externalize their accountancy.
  • The Economical Analysis Department
    It makes financial and economical analysis, feasibility studies, business plans in order to support the client’s strategic decision.
  • The Law Department
    It provides professional assistance and representation for the societies within the group.

In order to communicate more efficiently and to have your problems solved within the slightest delay, we would recommend our clients to talk directly to the head of the intended department.